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The mission of Brown & Company CPAs and Management Consultants, PLLC (Brown & Company) is to offer a wide array of premier quality professional services to private sector businesses, governmental and non-profit organizations, and individuals. We will provide these services while simultaneously providing an attractive work place and opportunities for our staff, and providing a fair return to our ownership.​

Brown & Company aspires to earn recognition by our clients as providing, at a fair price, the most responsive, highest quality, and timely services available; by our staff as being an ideal place to work; by our profession as being supportive and proud to be part of it; and by our community as being responsible and caring.​


We will practice our profession in keeping with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and regulations, and with the Code of Professional Ethics as promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We will achieve our aspirations by employing the most qualified staff and motivating them by providing an environment that encourages their growth. We will recruit and employ personnel regardless of race, gender, color, religion, age, handicaps, or national origin. We will ensure that our staff is effectively supervised and is enabled to perform all assigned tasks in the best and most efficient manner possible. We will offer our staff the opportunity to pursue a positive and rewarding career path with bright prospects of participation in firm profitability and ownership.​


Our activities will promote growth both internally and externally. We will grow internally by expanding the scope of our activities and by aggressively and successfully seeking to increase the number of clients we serve. We will grow externally by seeking and acting on sound opportunities to combine with other firms. We will grow profitably, and at the fastest rate that is consistent with our aspirations and quality standards, and with prudent financial management of the firm.​


We will judge our success by our ability, while effectively managing growth, to receive from our clients, staff, profession, and community the recognition to which we aspire.

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